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    How To Burn Xbox 360 Games (For Flashed Firmware)

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    How To Burn Xbox 360 Games (For Flashed Firmware)

    Post  Peppies™ on 14th January 2011, 08:36

    How To Burn Xbox 360 Games (For Flashed Firmware)

    This tutorial will show you how to burn Xbox 360 games to a DVD and PLAY them.
    NOTE: You must have your firmware flashed for this to work!


    * Xbox 360 with Firmware Update (for example XTreme)
    * Dual Layer DVDR (Blank)
    * DVD Burner Capable Of Burning Dual Layered DVDs
    * Clone CD | click to download
    * XBOX360 SS Merger 1.5 | click to download

    Getting Started...

    1. Download a game rip (we have them here, otherwise you will have to find somewhere else that has them)
    2. Check what type of rip you have by looking at the .nfo file that comes with almost all game rips.

    Types of Rips:
    Strait Rips: Useless, as they can not be used yet due to... well, due to the fact that no one has found a way yet :p
    Unpatched XTreme Rips: Good rips that simply need to be patched with a .bin file.
    Patched XTreme Rips: If you have this, you are REALLY lucky. All you have to do is unzip it from it's RAR file and burn it. No patching required :)

    Patching the game
    If you have a prepatched game then you can skip to the next step

    1. Open XBOX360 SS Merger 1.5
    2. Load your .iso
    3. When it asks you about the MD5 click yes.
    4. Wait a minute, it's a big file. Be patient :)
    5. You should now have received an MD5 number
    6. Load the ss.bin file that came with your game.
    7. Load the file
    8. Both boxes should be green. This indicates that you have the right file to patch with.
    9. Hit the huge button on the right (mine says "merge and create somthin or other... it may change with different version...)
    10. Wait a minute until it is done...

    Burning the game

    1. Open CloneCD
    2. Hit the second button to open the image of your game
    3. Click the image to open in full size.
    4. Make sure you are using DVD Dual Layer
    5. Burn at 2x speed so your disk wont have errors or skip


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