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    Installing SAM Broadcaster on Ubuntu/Deb

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    Installing SAM Broadcaster on Ubuntu/Deb

    Post  Peppies™ on 17th January 2011, 21:01

    So, you use Linux, but maybe you find your options too limited for DJing here or elsewhere. Perhaps you find yourself chained to Windows because of one program.

    Well, rest assured. I've found a way to get the best of both worlds.

    These steps were taken on Xubuntu 8.04.3 LTS "Hardy Heron." They will work on any other version of Ubuntu (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc.)
    They may work for other distros, you will have to adapt the directions to yours, however.

    1: Download SAM Broadcaster. For the purposes of this tutorial, use version 4.2.2 (known working).

    2: Open up a Terminal. (KDE users: Open up Konsole.) Relax, we don't need to go too far under the hood.

    3: Install Wine and MySQL by entering the following command in the Terminal (or Konsole):


    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wine mysql-server

    Set up MySQL with a password when it prompts you. Remember it, we will need it later.

    For the purposes of this tutorial, I used Wine 1.0. Your repository version may differ, if need be you can grab 1.0 later on.

    4: We will need a program outside of the repositories called winetricks. Paste the following into the Terminal/Konsole:


    wget [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    5: Run winetricks in Terminal/Konsole with the following options:


    sh winetricks mfc42 corefonts fontfix gecko msxml3 riched30

    These options will fix error "OLE error 80004001" that will occur if you try to install SAM without winetricks.

    6: Install SAM Broadcaster as normal. You can open it in your file manager by right-clicking the .exe file and selecting "Run with Wine" or similar.

    6A: During the install, select MySQL as your database software. Select custom options for MySQL and enter your MySQL password. After that, SAM will present an error that MySQL was not found. Ignore it. Ignore the error that follows as well. SAM will successfully install and will utilize the Linux MySQL install.

    What works:
    MP3 support
    Encoding to MP3
    Shoutcast streaming
    Microphone (presuming your soundcard works)
    Crossfade (even if it sounds choppy from the client side, it encodes cleanly)

    What doesn't work:
    Start/stop encoder buttons in the "Encoders" dialog. You can set up an encoder and right-click it to find "Start" and "Stop" options that do work.
    Sound effects will not automatically load. You will have to load them by hand.

    Support for file formats other than MP3. (Ogg, for example.)
    Streaming in any file format other than MP3.
    Icecast streaming

    If you are using a server chances are you won't have a sound card so follow the following to resolve.

    SAM Broadcaster makes it possible to stream your audio content without the use of any of your basic sound cards
    To achieve this, please follow these steps :
    - open config
    - click "Audio mixer pipeline"
    - click "air out"
    - into the next window, click "output"
    - adjust "output driver" to "silent output"
    - adjust "output device" to "no sound device required"
    - click "disable cue output"

    I also had some buffering issues if you do also you can adjust the "buffer" and "packet" settings.

    Follow these steps to adjust these settings, operational they gonna give SAM a continious connection to the internet and the "loosing of packages" don't gonna happen anymore :
    - open config
    - click "Audio mixer pipeline"
    - click "air out"
    - into the next window, click "output"
    - into "buffer settings" set the slider to a value of "Packets = 15"
    - into "buffer settings" set the slider to a value of "Packet time = 50ms"
    - this creates a "maximum latency = 750ms"

    All in all, this will give you a 99.9% functional copy of SAM on your Linux box. The shortcomings and "does not work" things don't get in the way at all. Now you can shed Windows without fear.

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