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    How to Install Linux on a Jtagged Xbox 360

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    How to Install Linux on a Jtagged Xbox 360

    Post  Peppies™ on 17th January 2011, 21:59

    Ok, in this tutorial i will be showing you how to run Linux (Gentoo Live) on your Jtagged Xbox 360, this is not the King Kong Hack, and does not require you to have a Kernel version of 4532 or 4548, this will work with any rebooter e.g XBR 8955, freeBOOT 9199 e.t.c.
    Ok, you will need a few things for this to work;

    1. Jtagged Xbox 360 with working DVD drive & Linux bootloader installed (xell)

    2. Gentoo Live ISO

    3. USB Keyboard & Mouse

    4. Computer that is able to burn cd's

    5. Image burning software (I recommend Power ISO)

    6. 1x Blank CD

    Lets get started.

    1 - Download Gentoo Live ISO

    2 - Burn ISO to disc

    3 - Attach Jtag to screen using either AV or Component (HDMI wont work)

    4 - Start console using eject button, as soon as it boots into xell place the disc you have just burnt into tray and close it

    5 - After the xell script ends, it should boot from the gentoo live cd

    6 - You should now have a black screen with penguins at the top

    7 - Let the Gentoo Live script run (may take a while)

    8 - After it loads the files, it should boot into the desktop

    9 - Have fun using your xbox as a computer!

    If you want sound modules

    Here is a kernel with the xenon sound modules
    Xenon Sound Modules

    Replace the vmlinux from your sata2 CD with this one. Extract the folder in the /lib/modules directory.
    Run this command:
    sudo echo "snd-xenon" > /etc/modules

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