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    Streaming Media to your Wii

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    Streaming Media to your Wii

    Post  Peppies™ on 18th January 2011, 17:38

    WiiCR: Installation and Setup

    WiiCR by Jacob Jarick prides itself as being a media player solution for the Nintendo Wii. It acts as a streaming media server and is capable of transcoding nearly many video filetypes to a suitable flv for an embedded flash player. It allows browsing of the remote filesystem (your computer) to view: videos (avi/xvid/divx/mpeg/wmv/etc), text files, jpg's and play mp3s and stream them to your Wii.
    WiiCR: Installation and Setup

    1. Download the latest version of WiiCR here.

    Installing WiiCR

    2. Extract the contents of the WiiCR archive to the XAMPP Directory. (C:Program Files / xampp)

    Extracting WiiCR into XAMPP

    Wii Media Center X Streaming Guide

    Wii Media Center X was a free multimedia server developed by Red Kawa. It was intended to allow you to stream certain types of pictures, music, videos and files from your computer to your Nintendo Wii. The early alpha version runs on most major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is no longer being developed and there are no plans to restart development.

    So your looking for a way to watch streaming movies, music and view images from your computer on your Wii video game console? No problem, with Wii Media Center X you are able to setup your computer to do just that!


    * Videos - Wii Media Center X lets you stream and watch videos in the Flash video format (FLV) on your Wii. You can download flash videos from many places on the internet or create your own using Wii Video 9.
    * Music - Wii Media Center X lets you playback MP3s on your Wii without the need of an SD card.
    * Pictures- Red Kawa Media Center lets you view pictures on your Wii without the need of an SD card.
    * Files - Wii Media Center X lets you browse your files located on your server.

    Note: Wii Media Center X is not a product of Wii Media, nor is Wii Media affiliated in any way with Red Kawa.

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