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    Installing Win7 using a flash drive

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    Installing Win7 using a flash drive

    Post  Peppies™ on 13th February 2011, 18:34

    Today, we will learn how to install windows 7 to a netbook or any pc or laptop for that using a USB drive.

    This form of install is mostly for those using a netbook and want a way of upgrading to windows 7. All you will need is atleast a 4GB USB drive and a windows 7 ISO and Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

    Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool is available here:

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    Getting started:

    f you have an ISO image of Windows 7, using Microsoft�s free utility is a quick and easy option to get the image on your USB flash drive. It requires XP SP2 or higher and if you�re using an XP machine you�ll need .NET Framework 2.0, and Microsoft Image Mastering API V2�both of which can be downloaded from the link below. It seemed to work best if I formatted the flash drive as NTFS before using the download tool.

    Installing is a straight and simple process.

    1. Launch the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool and browse to the location of the windows 7 ISO and click next.

    2. Select the USB device u want to use and click next and now click on start copying.

    3. Now wait for a bit until the windows 7 iso files are beeing copied on the USB drive.

    4. When the process is finished you will be able to see the files on the flash drive as you would if you opened the installation disc. Now you can start the installation on any computer that allows you to boot from a USB drive.

    That's it u can now start installing the o/s from ur USB drive. hit f2 to boot from USB instead of Hard Drive

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