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    Uploading torrents on to a tracker

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    Uploading torrents on to a tracker

    Post  Peppies™ on 23rd February 2011, 21:47

    Right this is a step by step guide for uploading that not even I could naff up
    This is using UTorrent

    Creating a Torrent

    STEP 1 Open UTorrent click On the icon with the wand & stars (create a torrent)
    This will open another box

    STEP2 Make sure that the private torrent & start seeding boxes are not selected & there is nothing in the tracker winndow. Now click on add directory & locate the file you want to create as a torrent
    ((EXAMPLE next .PAL.DVDR.title )) click on the file & then click ok this will add the selected file.

    STEP 3 Now you need to copy & paste the following into the TRACKERS window (example) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Only the tracker name you are using needs to be entered nothing else, Please do not include any other announces as it will not work

    STEP4 Now you need to select the private torrent box & only the private box. Now click on create & save.

    Once the torrent has been created it will ask you to save it somewhere on your pc the best place to save the created torrent file is your desktop as you will need to find it again shortly.

    What ever you do do not add or take out files of (EXAMPLE next .PAL.DVDR.title)) as you have created the torrent if you do you will have to re-create it again.


    To upload to a site you will need to make a link to it like this >> [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] get the tracker address from the upload page of the tracker you are using.

    STEP1 IMDb > Right if you google the title of your film 9 times out of 10 it will give you the IMDb link to the film you are uploading click on it.if you look at the http in the browser it should look like this blazing sadles (1974)* copy & paste that onto the IMDb section of the upload page

    STEP2 TORRENT FILE - Right this is where you save torrent file you just created will come in to play. Click on the browser button locate the torrent file you saved from UTorrent & click open

    STEP 3 TORRENT NAME -just highlight what you put in the TORRENT FILE & drag & drop it into TORRENT NAME box

    STEP 4 IMAGES Browse for an image for whatever it is your uploading & add it in the box

    STEP 5 NFO - This is a file which is required on most trackers it is a file containing infomation on the file your uploading like bit rate audio codecs Frames per sec resolution e.t.c if you d/l a file from scene release group like DIMOND, prevail it will have that in the file you downloaded (( please do not alter a scene releases NFO or un rar it as your upload will be deleted by moderators for breakingthe tb rule))

    STEP 6 DESCRIPTION > A brief detail on what your uploading IE a plot summury e.t.c

    STEP 7 SHOW UPLOADER > if you select this it will display ( only to other users NOT staff) as anonymous in the *uploaded by*

    STEP 8 REALEASE > Non scene - select this if its your own upload from your personal stash or if it is an upload from a non scene public releaser such as aXXo or stuffies. scene> select this if it is a release you have obtained from scene released by a group IE PREVAIL,DIAMOND,e.t.c (Do not modify a scene release in any way as other people may have the exact same file and may be willing to help seed)

    STEP 9 TYPE >self explanatory

    now click DO IT (Only Once)

    Now if you filled out the page the right way it will say its a success

    You now need to download it from the tracker so you can start seeding click on the download link it should bring up a box with the option to save or open the file (depends on your browser ) open the file with utorrent it will come up as a box with the files described in the torrent at the top of the box you should have something that reads *SAVE FILE and a on the will open a window, you now need to find the file your uploading ((EXAMPLE next.PAL.DVDR.title) DO NOT SELECT TORRENT FILE the file you need is the orignal one ie the one i am using as the example would be 4.35GB that's the one you need to select and add to the* save file* now click on start the torrent it should appear in the client window and should be doing something which is known as a hash check (checking that the file you pointed it to matches the one that you uploaded to the tracker. If you check on the tracker status you will see the announce plus loads of number's and letters, thats your passkey after it has hash checked it will show as seeding

    CONGRATS - you have uploaded your 1st torrent

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